Community Forestry

Tree Planting

The City of McPherson encourages homeowners to replant new trees in order to replace any trees that have died. The Tree Reimbursement Program is available to assist with overall costs. The City will pay 50 percent of the tree cost up to $100 per tree. Payment is limited to two trees per year. For example, if a homeowner purchases a tree from an approved nursery for $100, the homeowner is eligible for a $50 reimbursement. To learn about proper site and plant selection, view the McPherson Tree Guide. When you are ready to plant your tree, request your refund using the Tree Reimbursement Application

Tree Replacement Program

In 2019, the City of McPherson established a program to reimburse property owners for trees lost due to city construction projects. The City Forester must be involved with selecting a suitable planting site before planting takes place. Once the trees have been planted, City of McPherson homeowners are eligible to receive 100 percent reimbursement up to $200 per tree. Learn more about the Tree Replacement Program.

Tree Removal

Tree diseases such as Dutch Elm Disease and Pine Wilt can easily spread to neighboring trees via insects and other means. Thus, the concept of sanitation is very important to tree removal situations. Material from trees killed by infectious diseases is not allowed to be kept on a property within the City of McPherson. This includes the stacking and storage of firewood from specific diseased trees such as American Elms and certain Pine species.

Reporting a Dead or Diseased Tree

If you suspect that a dead and/or diseased tree is an American Elm that has been affected by Dutch Elm Disease and need help identifying the tree, contact the City Forester at 620.755.2927. In some situations, the tree species may have been identified and mentioned on the tree removal notice.

Contact a Professional for Tree Removal

Tree removals are inherently dangerous. Be safe and do not attempt the removal of a large tree without the proper equipment and expertise. It is highly recommended property owners hire a professional after obtaining three (3) estimates from licenses tree care companies. When hiring an arborist, note the individual or business must be licensed to work in the City of McPherson. For a list of licensed tree care companies, contact the City Forester at 620.755.2927 or search for companies that have certified arborists through Kansas Arborist Association (KAA); International Society of Arboriculture (ISA); or Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA).

Wood Waste Disposal

Dispose wood waste at the McPherson Area Solid Waste Utility (MASWU). When property owners haul the wood waste themselves, the transfer station will accept the waste without charging a fee. MASWU will charge tree care companies per load.