City Parks

The Public Lands and Facilities Department provides leadership in maintaining the beauty of McPherson. Their work includes nurturing over 300 acres of city parks and public right-or-ways. Blooming flowers, luscious green grasses and family playgrounds entice visitors to seek temporary respite while giving residents a reason to stay.

Fourteen parks offer fishing, fitness trails, jogging paths, picnic shelters, skateboarding, disc golf and more. McPherson's newest addition, Hess Park, was built by community volunteers and houses modern handicap accessible playground equipment. The Kids with Dreams Playground at Lakeside Park is also design for disable children. Recent equipment updates are the result of a fundraising campaign spearheaded by a team of four elementary students - children who reflect our community's giving spirit.

McPherson parks provide opportunity to pause and relax. Visit Memorial Park located west of the McPherson County Courthouse, a peaceful place dedicated to war veterans including Civil War General James Birdseye McPherson for whom the city and county are names. Spend a summer evening watching a free movie at the historical August San Romani Memorial Bandshell. Or simply sit on a park bench and breathe in the fresh air while admiring the fall leaves.

No matter what the season, all are invited to explore the beautiful parks of McPherson.