Adopting a Friend


If you are considering adopting a pet from the McPherson Animal Shelter, please complete and submit the Request to Adopt Application Form. If you rent your current property, then be sure to complete and submit the Landlord Agreement Form as well.

Requirements & Fees

Fees to adopt an animal include:
  • $30 adoption fee (includes microchip)
  • $100 spay or neuter deposit
  • $25 rabies vaccination deposit

Spaying / Neutering

If you adopt a dog that is under 6 months of age, we give you until the dog is 6 months old to get them spayed or neutered and a rabies vaccination.

If the dog is 6 months or older, we give you 2 weeks to get spayed/neutered and a rabies vaccination.

If you live in the city limits of McPherson, the city requires you to purchase a city tag at the time your pet receives its rabies vaccination in order to receive your rabies vaccination deposit back. 

After you get your pet spayed or neutered, you may give us a copy of your rabies certificate and an invoice showing your pet has been altered. The City will then mail you a $125 check refunding your deposit.

More Information

For more information, on animal adoption in McPherson County, visit the McPherson County Humane Society website.