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1. When will road improvements be made on Wheeler Street?
2. Are there plans for repairing South Front Street by Braum’s?
3. Are there plans to repair the road leading from Champlin Street to Holiday Inn Express?
4. What is preventing work along Grimes Street?
5. Is the drainage issue associated with Grimes Street affecting other streets such as Wheeler and Myers?
6. When work is completed along Grimes Street, will the project be a total reconstruction?
7. When will road improvements be made along West Euclid Street?
8. When will road improvements be made on Woodside Street?
9. What are the plans for East Northview Road?
10. Are there plans to widen Hulse Street?
11. When will road improvements occur on Myers Street?
12. Are there maintenance plans for East Lakeside Drive?
13. Will there ever be a turning lane at the intersection of Avenue A and Maxwell?