What are the pros and cons for property tax vs. sales tax?

An advantage to property tax is that lower income families who do not own property are not directly affected. Disadvantages to property tax are that only property owners pay the tax and no transference occurs meaning only McPherson residents pay the tax. Advantages to sales tax are 30 percent or more of the tax is paid by non-residents and all citizens contribute to the tax. The disadvantage to sales tax is all citizens pay the tax including lower income families.

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1. What are the pros and cons for property tax vs. sales tax?
2. What happens if the half-cent sales tax is not renewed?
3. What’s the difference between the two current half-cent sales taxes?
4. What percentage of sales tax is collected from individuals outside McPherson?
5. How often will the half-cent sales tax be renewed?
6. How long does each half-cent sales tax last?
7. Why doesn’t property tax cover the budget needed for road improvements?
8. What is the mill levy?
9. What does the ad valorem or property tax fund?
10. Are any mill levy funds applied to City street improvements?
11. What does transparency mean?
12. Prior to 2010, what funds were available to assist with road maintenance?
13. If the half-cent sales tax is renewed, how would the City prioritize projects?