Survey Results: Future Street Projects

While the Public Works Department generally selects priority projects based on the Cost Benefit Factor (CBF) formula, recent evaluation included surveying local residents. Based on data collected from July 17 to October 1, 2017, the City Commission is committed to completing at least two (2) projects per City quadrant. These projects will specifically focus on neighborhood streets. Without the renewal of the half-cent sales tax or some other funding source, these projects may be at risk.

Survey Results

The City of McPherson is divided into four quadrants by Kansas Avenue & Main Street. The following results represent the top two (2) projects selected by citizens residing in these quadrants.

Paving the Future Street Selection - Interactive Map

Northeast Quadrant
229 responses
Hulse Street (Main Street to North High Drive)
East Northview Road (Main Street to North High Drive)

Northwest Quadrant
100 responses
West Northview Road (Highway 81 Bypass to Main Street)
Walnut Drive (Northview Road to Main Street)

Southwest Quadrant
50 responses
Hickory Street (Lincoln Street to Hayes Street)
Skancke Street (Chestnut Street to the Railroad Crossing)

Southeast Quadrant
103 responses
South Front Street (Centennial Drive to Champlin Road)
South Hartup Street (Elizabeth Street to Avenue A)

Paving the Future-FINAL