Paving the Future

Understanding the Half-Cent Sales Tax

McPherson residents will vote on an important issue November 7, 2017. The ballot question will introduce a funding option to support ongoing street improvements as the City of McPherson focuses on PAVING THE FUTURE.

Sales Tax Overview
McPherson street infrastructure is currently funded by a half-cent sales tax, which was instituted by public vote in 2010. The half-cent sales tax generates approximately $1.5 million annually, and more than 25 street projects have been completed during the past seven years using tax dollars collected.

Why does the sales tax need to be addressed now?
The half-cent sales tax can only exist for ten years as mandated by the State of Kansas. McPherson's current half-cent sales tax will end on December 31, 2020. Addressing the issue NOW allows for responsible budget planning and uninterrupted street improvement projects. Renewing the half-cent sales tax NOW provides adequate time to gather public input about future projects. Establishing the half-cent sales tax NOW ensures funding is available to address residential street concerns.

What are the three most important facts to know?
1) The half-cent sales tax is NOT a new tax. It is an extension of the sales tax already in place.
2) The City of McPherson receives an estimated 30 percent transference from sales tax. This means 30 percent or more of sales tax collected is from patrons living outside McPherson, which lessens the tax burden on City residents and allows for continued road improvements.
3) A vote YES will renew the current half-cent sales tax for another 10 years. A vote NO will result in the current half-cent sales tax ending on December 31, 2020, and the City will need to identify an alternative funding source for street improvements.

Paving the Future Resources

Paving the Future Video
Paving the Future Information Sheet
Paving the Future PowerPoint Presentation
Paving the Future Street Selection Interactive Map

Paving the Future-FINAL


Shall the following be adopted?

Shall the City of McPherson, Kansas (the “City”) be authorized to: (1) impose a special one-half percent  (1/2%) city-wide retailers’ sales tax (the “Sales Tax”), the proceeds of which shall be used only to finance the City’s expenses relating to the costs of construction, reconstruction, operation, and maintenance of public streets, sidewalks, street related drainage, traffic control devices, maintenance and expense of street lights, curbs and improvements appurtenant thereto within the City and related financing costs; the collection of such Sales Tax to commence on January 1, 2021 or as soon thereafter as permitted by law and shall terminate ten (10) years after its commencement; and (2) issue sales tax revenue and/or general obligation sales tax bonds to pay the costs of such street improvements, street light maintenance and expense, and associated financing costs; all pursuant to the provisions of K.S.A. 12-187 et seq., as amended?