Paid Call Firefighter

Paid Call Firefighter is a volunteer fire fighting position, which occupies a vital role in the fire department by providing support and back up to full-time firefighters. Paid Call Firefighters fill in behind and can be directly called out to support emergency activities. Paid Call Firefighters report directly to the Division Chief of Operations. They are expected to maintain a level of proficiency in FFI and FFII skill. After two years of duty, the Paid Call Firefighter is expected be checked off and able to operate every piece of firefighting equipment and apparatus.

Paid Call Firefighter Responsibilities

• Assist with inspection, maintenance and minor repairs of Fire Department equipment
• Work within the guidelines of the department's standard operating guidelines and procedures
• Participate in training activities
• Act in a safe manner during emergency responses at the Fire Station and during training drills
• Maintain Fire Station grounds
• Follow department policies and procedures
• Follow safety procedures and practices
• Assist with any tasks when responding to an incident call back
• Follow directions provided by full-time personnel and respect their leadership