Street Department

The Street Department is a division of the Public Works Department and is comprised of street maintenance, signs and markings and street cleaning.


General street maintenance within the McPherson city limits is performed by the Street Department. Preventative maintenance is performed through asphalt and concrete replacement, minimal alley maintenance, pothole repair, snow plowing and street sweeping.
The Street Department also maintains all traffic control signs, street identification signs and pavement markings throughout the City.

Street Sweeping - MAP
The Street Department sweeps 1 of 23 designated regions of public roadway and the Downtown District on a weekly basis. The department's goal is to maintain all streets by sweeping regularly while setting more populated streets as a priority. 


Ten full-time employees are authorized to assist with street maintenance covering nearly 87 lane miles.

Maintenance Updates

Citizens are encouraged to follow along as Street Department employees complete routine maintenance on McPherson city streets.