Public Works Department

  1. Building Inspection

    Find information about the McPherson Building Inspection Department such as how to apply for building permits, fee schedules, and code information.

  2. Code Enforcement & Sanitation

  3. Community Development

    Find more information about city departments such as the Planning and Zoning, Building Inspection, and the Code Enforcement departments.

  4. Engineering

    Review department responsibilities, access maps of sanitary sewers and storm sewers, and review various street, sidewalk, and sewer standards.

  5. Planning & Zoning

    The Community Development Department handles any matter pertaining to land development in the City of McPherson.

  6. Stormwater Management

    A major component of the storm water quality program is to consider how our daily activities affect storm water quality and to modify our activities to improve the quality of water in our local ponds and streams.

  7. Streets

    The Street Department is a division of the Public Works Department that performs general maintenance on streets within McPherson city limits.

  8. Wastewater

    The City of McPherson Wastewater Department is responsible for providing reliable sanitary sewer service to all residents.